12 dance moves at the piano

Audiences believe that the more a pianist moves while playing, the better he or she is.

Here are your dance moves options for pop, rock and music theatre.
  1. HEAD moves up and down: This is the simplest move and can be applied to the most types of music.

  2. HEAD moves up and down facing the audience: Apply to emphasize your solo, or when the band is in cut time.

  3. SHOULDERS move up and down: Adopt on pieces with accents on the offbeat, or accents on beats 2 and 4.

  4. SHOULDERS alternate: Make this move with one shoulder going forward while the other is backward, and alternate them.

  5. SHOULDERS move in and out: to be used by women only, move shoulders together toward the chest, then back.

  6. BACK moves to and away from the piano: Employ for a cut time section, or when emphasis is on beats 1 and 3.

  7. BACK moves sideways left to right:  works best for a fun piece with few chords. It's an ab workout!

  8. BACK moves diagonally away and to the piano: to be used for a stop time section.

  9. LEG moves up and down: best done with the right leg, this move starts from the thigh, with the foot falling flat on the floor.

  10. FOOT moves sideways: The heel of the foot stays put, while the front of the foot moves from one side to the other.

  11. Stand up: standing up while playing the piano is a very powerful move best used during your solo.

  12. Combination:  You can mix and match any of these moves, such as #2 and #10 together, or #1 #9 and #10 together. 
Pianists, you are now ready to ROCK IT!

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    1. Also: ROTATE body clockwise while playing (counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere).


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