5 summer jobs for musicians

Summer time is a prime time for musicians to work. Here are 5 music job options.
  1. Summer camps: Day camps and night camps range from two weeks to the whole summer. There are camps for all styles of music, from classical, music theatre, rock, to jazz.

  2. Theatre: Many theatres hire instrumentalists and music directors for the summer season. They are usually in smaller towns, so they provide housing. They run from May to August.

  3. Festivals: Even non-music festivals need musicians. Find the ones in your area on websites such as festivalnet.com. The sooner you get in touch with the organizers, the better.

  4. Weddings: Email local contractors and venues with your info and audio samples. Advertise yourself online on national wedding websites such as GigMasters.

  5. Busking: learn about the busking laws, how to make money, and how to pick your spot on this website.
Who said summer time was for vacation?

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