How to make good use of your bad mood

When we're sad or in a bad mood we tend to stay away from doing anything constructive because we always think that we won't be able to concentrate and focus.

Turns out that actually, we would be better off doing something, anything, because we would be more careful with details.

Scientific American Mind cites a study by Joseph Forgas of University of New South Wales that finds that "grumpy people paid closer attention to details, showed less gullibility, were less prone to error of judgment and formed higher-quality, persuasive arguments than their happy counterparts."

So next time you think that you should cancel or not show up at that rehearsal, or not practice, or not learn your lines, know that you will actually be doing better work because of your bad mood, not despite it.


1 comment:

  1. c est une nouvelle approche ca dis-moi...
    ca ressemble a l antithese de ton argumentation habituelle.


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