How to join the Music Directors Community

I am happy to make it official, I am writing a book on music directing! There are no books on the topic, so it's time music directors have their own resource.

I am currently interviewing music directors on their experience. If you are an experienced music director and have couple hours to talk about your job with me, please contact me at geraldineinabottle [at] gmail [dot] com.

You can find the interview I did of New York music director Dave Hahn on his awesome website Musician Wages.

I am also very excited to announce the launch yesterday of a new Twitter profile for music theater directors! You can find it @MusicTheatreMD, and by using #MusicTheatreMD when you write about music theatre.

Actors, directors and choreographers, I want to hear all of your thoughts on music directors too, so comment and tweet away!

Picture from http://woroworld.blogspot.com/

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