How dancing makes your audience go wild

The more you move at your instrument the better audiences think you are. Here is why.

I played for this Buddy Holly show last summer where I danced while playing the piano.

When I did that I was showered with compliments at the end of the show in the greeting line, as in: "wow, you're amazing!" "you have so much energy!" "you really seem to be having such a great time!" etc.

Except that when I didn't dance and just played the piano, the comments were much different: "who are you?," "where you on stage?," "oh, are you the one that played the keyboard in the back?"

This year, I did Spelling Bee and for most of the summer it was me and my boyfriend on the bass. I had to conduct while playing, which led me to do a lot of back and head movements throughout the show.

People would come out of their way at the end of the show to come talk to me and tell me nice things like: "you're such a great pianist," "how do you do it, playing all this music?," and I even got fan mail!

My boyfriend had to leave the run early to go to boot camp for the Navy, so I had a few shows left to do on my own. Guess what happened?

I didn't have to conduct anymore and so I moved a lot less. Not only did I not have nice comments in the end anymore, people even stopped applauding when I finished playing the exit music!

Picture from http://www.pianolessons101.com/keyboards.html 

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