4 mistakes to avoid when promoting yourself

The Internet is only an amazing tool to make yourself known as long as you avoid these four common mistakes.
  1. Act as if it's a new thing: Don't say "these days, it's all about social media." Social media isn't that new anymore, and your audience won't care to follow you if they think it's a new discovery to you.

  2. Talk about it as if you were forced into it: "So, apparently, the thing to do is to use social media, so there, you have it." If you don't want to be a part of it, why should your public?

  3. Use quotes signs: If you emphasize a word with a quote sign, as in "you can be our "friend" on facebook," your audience won't want to because you just made the whole thing sound like a joke.

  4. Use the wrong terminology: People don't "join" your facebook page, they "like" it. And there is no such thing as a twitter friend. Do your research!
Only once you commit fully to social media you'll realize why people urged you to use it.

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