How to handle a rejection phone call

When you get a phone call telling you that you didn't get the job you wanted, it is easy to want to hang up as quickly as possible.

However, it means that it is the perfect time to prove how great you are! Here are the steps to follow so that next time they call you, it will actually be to hire you.
  1. Use a cheerful tone of voice: even though you're the one who's hurt, you want to make the other person understand hat you're not mad at them. The quickest way to send that message out is with a cheerful tone of voice.

  2. Thank them for considering you: You're grateful for having been considered for the opportunity, so make sure to let them know that. 

  3. Ask them to keep your resume on file: You know that you'd like another chance with them, but people aren't mind readers. Tell them that you would really love to work for them in the future, and that if anything comes up you'd love to be considered again.

  4. Thank them for calling you: So many places nowadays don't even let you know when they decide not to hire you, that the person who took the time and the courage to do so definitely deserves to be thanked.

  5. End on a positive note: Thank them again, remind them how much you hope to work with them in the future, and wish them well.

Picture from http://blogs.democratandchronicle.com/editorial/2008/12/05/snl-skit/

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