Miss America and Me

Miss America was on last night and I. Watched. It. I say it proudly because it's not that I would watch if it wasn't that my friend Sydnee was on it and that I was watching for support (she didn't pass the first round and I kept on watching, so maybe I did want to watch it after all, but sshhh....). It was really exciting to see somebody I knew on it, and I really wish she would have got to the talent section because I haven't heard her since last time I played for her. So I youtubed her, and found... me! It's a pretty cool montage and here it is!


= a new job!

I went, I saw! They came, they saw and they conquered... me! The show choir was amazing! I got to teach them a bit of a song, and they were probably the most disciplined, enthusiastic and nice group of teenagers. And they sounded good. Lucky me! When I finished rehearsing with them, (the handsome) Toby Schine hired me for the music director position for the Boston Children's Theatre upcoming production of Seussical Jr. I can't wait to start working with such great kids!

Musical theatre + choir= ?

I am going to a rehearsal of the Boston Children's Theatre show choir today, and I can't wait to hear them. Since I didn't grow up in the States I have never seen a show choir (except for Glee, but I don't think that counts). I'm hoping that what I know of musical theatre, plus, what I know of choirs, will make a beautiful mix and turn me into a show choir person. To continue...


Well! Hello there!

My professional self My Self Oh wait, no! Here I am! Introductions: Check.
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