Are these 5 musicians cliches true or false?

Sex, drugs and rock n roll are what musicians are all about, right? Wrong! Busting these 5 musicians cliches. 
  1. Musicians are lazy: It actually takes a tremendous amount of hard work to make it as a musician, from the many hours of practicing to the very few days off.

    Most finish work between 10pm an 2am most nights, so they sleep in the morning. Unless you think nurses and policemen are lazy when they rest after a night shift, you should assume musicians worked hard the night before when they do so.

  2. Musicians are drug addicts or alcoholics: There may be more of a tendency for this cliche to be true in certain styles of music and for particular instruments, but unless you personally witness signs of addiction, you can trust musicians to be clean.

  3. Musicians are poor: Most of them tend to be in the lower and middle class bracket. People also believe that musicians who work freelance don't have job security, but a musician's income tends to remain approximately the same from year to year.

  4. Musicians have a big ego: Many performers apply for gigs all the time, which results in frequent rejections, and keeps egos grounded.

    Because of the pressure of performing, musicians are often perfectionists, striving to do better at all times. This leads them to maintain a healthy, or sometimes even fragile, ego.

  5. Musicians are unreliable: Reliability is actually one of the most crucial aspects of a musician's life.

    Many instrumentalists work in three of four different places every single day, so they must show up at the right place at the right time.



      1. Take any fortune 500 company. Have an open bar. Encourage everyone to drink, because it's a party and everyone should have a good time.

        Then see how many alcoholics you get.


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