How to ask for your money

What to do when it's time to get paid and you're not seeing any sign of your money?

The most graceful way to deal with the situation is by asking an indirect question. Make sure to use your most neutral tone of voice when using the following examples.
  • Were you planning on paying me today or next time?
  • I can't remember, did you pay for this week last week?
  • Will you need cash back today?
  • Will you want me to send you an invoice?
  • Did you need my address to send me the check?
    Most people genuinely forget that it's time for payment, so they'll be grateful when you kindly help them come through for you.

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      1. I think it's important not to be shy about asking for money, but also to be polite. I get to know which parents are late-payers - they use excuses like "I've run out of cheques", when they could pay by bank transfer. I try to be tolerant, but have, on occasion, wanted to say "no payment, no lesson next week!". It's a tricky call - we rely on our clients for our income, so we have to be courteous in our dealings with them!

      2. Hi there, that's true that some people just don't want to pay. I think that with those people it's best to have them pay in advance. But you're right, it is tricky to stay on the line between being firm and politically correct!


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