Are you doing your job if you're not giving notes?

It's rare, but sometimes as a music director you do not have any notes to give after a run.

When you're the only person out of the creative team to not have anything to say, you can easily start wondering if you're doing your job right.

Things can always get better, so how could you not identify anything to be improved on?

Part of your job is to know what's best for your cast and how far they can go. Sometimes, not making remarks is the best way to provide your actors with confidence in their singing.

It is easy to think that when we are only giving positive comments, those do not count as notes. But notes are anything you hear, either good or to be improved on, that you pass on to your cast members.

As long as you usually speak up, you are doing your job just right even when for once you do not give any criticism. You just don't want to mess with a good thing!

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