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Welcome! Geraldine in a Bottle talks about the life of performers and freelancers, and explores common topics musicians face such as finding gigs, teaching, music directing, performing, rehearsing and practicing.

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Music Directing
10 Notes on Music Directing 
Are you doing your job if you're not giving notes?
How to Join the Music Directors Community
Are tempos to blame for the lack of energy?
What it takes to be a music director
Are vocal warm up just for the voice?
How to plan warm up for rehearsals

How to ask for money
Want to work for Cirque du Soleil?
Should you join the Musicians Union?
How to audition for amusement park
How to fund your recording project
To sub or not sub, that is the question
Where are you on that career ladder?
Should you ever play for free?
19 jobs for pianists
Want to know what life is like on tour?
The 1 thing to put on your business card
How to work a 9-5 as a musician
How to go from playing solo to accompanying

What military bands can do for your students
Do you change your teaching style with the music?
How to teach students to play with purpose
Are student recitals a good thing?
10 tips on how to be a great teacher

Students versus Professional Recitals
Minimum audience required?
The problem of online doctorates
Wanna get better at sight reading?
Why schools of music are hypocritical
Get more people to come to your degree recital

Should you play lego with your music?
The best 6 books on practicing
Do you play with your fingers or with your brain?
Practice makes perfect but does it pay your rent?

Should you try to play all the right notes?
4 tools for musicians speaking onstage
3 performing struggles
Are you the panicking or the chocking kind?

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