Do you get intimidated?

As musicians, situations were we get to work with famous artists do come along. When you are in that position, do you get intimidated?

During an episode of "Behind the Scenes with Oprah," Oprah mentioned that what she admired most about one of her producers was how she never got intimidated, no matter how famous the guest on the show was.

What creates intimidation is the desire to show respect. There is also the risk that if you act too casual, the artist might think that you believe to be as great as him.

But at the same time, being intimidated might come in the way of your own work, either because you can't focus, or because you might hesitate before speaking up.

Oprah's producer said "when I work with very famous people, I try to forget who they are and talk to them as if they were just regular folks."

When she was seen later on the show dealing with a disagreement with Liza Minelli, she definitely came across as both professional and unafraid, and respectful and down to earth. A model to strive for.

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