How to fund your recording project

New Year resolutions are coming up, and one of your goals this year might be to record your own cd. The recording part of the project is the easy part, it's getting to the recording studio that is tougher, because of how the high recording costs.

Here are some of the ways to get your project funded:
  • Grants: here is the most comprehensive list of all types of grants, compiled and collected by Michigan State Universities Library. It's an amazing one-stop-shop! 
Each state offers their own grant, so it's best you do a search for your own state's to find the best resource; here is the best source of grants in Massachusetts.

Grants are given for different projects and for different populations (students, singers, string players, young professionals, etc.). They are various application requirements, from sending a resume, to writing a paper, to submitting an explanation of your project. Most people are not aware of most grants, which means that many of them are quite easy to get if you apply.
  • Raise money: There are many different ways to ask for money. Here is a good article on how to do it, with good suggestions on how to motivate people to give, such as offering perks or offering tax receipts.
Many sites nowadays are helping you raise money, such as artistshare.com, feedmuse.com. See how my friend Amy Yassinger is using kickstarter.com for her project.

Good luck!



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