The best 6 books on practicing

Here are the six books most highly recommended by the College Pedagogy Committee Panel Discussion.

  1. The Inner Game of Golf: this book is written by Timothy Gallwey, and is about the psychology of learning. The freelancer can understand how to learn better by reading how to learn golfers learn better. If you want to read a preview of it, there it is. 

  2. Performing in the Zone: this book is described as giving "explanations about what really goes on inside your mind and body in performing situations." It includes a 12 week program to incorporate the techniques from the book into your life.

  3. The Inner Game of Music: this book is in collaboration with Barry Green from the series by Timothy Gallwey, and includes chapters on coping with obstacles, improving the quality of musical experience and letting go. Here is the preview for it.

  4. The Musician's Way: Not only did author Gerald Klickstein wrote a book on performing, he also shares on a regular basis his knowledge on his blog, with topics such as the creative process, injury prevention, music education, and more.

  5. The Practicing Mind: The emphasis of the book is on staying in the moment and on being disciplined and focused.

  6. The Perfect Wrong Note, Learning to Trust Your Musical Self : The preview of this book by professional pianist William Westney indicates interesting chapters such as juicy mistakes, the effect of lessons, and whether it is good or not to be a good student.

Picture from http://www.artsjournal.com/bookdaddy/2008/07/

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