Want to know what life is like on tour?

If you ever wondered what life is like on tour, here are the best blogs that have been written straight from tours!

West Side Story World International Tour Blog:  Written by one of the two Tony's, Chad Hiligus. His blog starts in April 2009 at the beginning of rehearsals in Germany, and ends in May 2010 at the end of the tour in Taiwan. With a few entries per week, Chad takes you through the rehearsal process, media tours, days off travels and more.

If you want a shorter take of the same tour, Nicole, who I believe is one the Shark ladies, also has a blog here.

Spring Awakening National Tour Blog, cleverly named Totally Trucked. The author, Pun, is one of the production staff members. She posted very frequently, and put a lot of videos, including interviews of cast members, and a ton of pictures. The first post is from rehearsals in July 08 and the last from the end of the tour in May 2010.

Legally Blonde 1st National Equity Tour Blog: It is written by actor Nick Dalton, who plays Pforzheimer. Nick tells us many details of the process, such as how the union influences everything, when understudies get rehearsals and what happens when they go on, how they make sure to get the best dogs (yes, as in the actual animal) possible for the show, etc.  This blog starts with rehearsals in August 2008, has frequent posts, and ends in January 2010, when the author stops being a part of the tour.

Chicago the Musical International Tour Blog:  One posting a month by Terra MacLeod, the actress playing Velma for a year (August 09-May 10), from the beginning of the performances in Kansas City through Tokyo and beyond, to the author's transition from the tour to the London West End cast to the Broadway cast.

Rent the Broadway Tour Blog: The blog covers a period of eight months, from January to August 2009 and is made by different cast members.

Mary Poppins 1st National Tour Blog: This ongoing blog has been constantly updated by actor Andrew Keenan-Bolger, who is currently acting in Mary Poppins. He also did the tour of Spelling Bee as Leaf Coneybear. His blog also includes his experience in other productions, such as High School Musical for the North Shore Theatre.


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