Why you should avoid graduating if you're a musician

You think that you want to graduate but really, think about it, is that the wisest option for a musician?
Since I filled in my graduation papers I have been subject to all the following:
  • Cutting the cord syndrome: How will I ever know how to play the piano without my teacher telling me?
  • Panic Attacks: what if I don't get people to hire me? What if I'm too classical for the music theatre world, and too music theatre for the classical world?! 
  • Self doubts: if I somehow get people to hire me, what will happen if they realize that I can't play the piano, that I don't know a thing about music and that I'm a terrible person who can't collaborate and work as a team player?! 
  • Paranoid thoughts: What if all the musicians I have ever worked with decide to tell all of my potential employer that they shouldn't, under any circumstance, hire me? 
  • Negative thinking: How on earth will I survive as a homeless person with a visa expiring in a year not knowing how to do a thing other than music?! 

Conclusion, in order to avoid those unwanted feelings, follow this course of action: 
  1. -Stop practicing 
  2. Get bad grades 
  3. Do not fulfill your requirements 
  4. Do not apply for gigs 
  5. Live in denial 
  6. Do not fill graduation papers 
  7. Emergency option: apply for another degree.

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