Grounded, levitation and flat (make that a double)

Beyonce!! Pink!!! Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift. When the amazing gets (literally) flattened back down.

Picture this: Beyonce. On her knees. Moving her head with her hair going crazy around her. Doing what anybody else would loose a lifetime's reputation for. She means it. She keeps her dignity. Wow.

Pink on the other hand was nowhere near the ground when she got lifted off the ground on a piece of white fabric suspended from the ceiling that lifted her up in the air. There she was, high up, floating in the air, head upside down, horizontal to the ground, and whatever other position she took, while singing beautifully. Breathtaking.

After such a strong start, I started to have expectations, which included a few other unbelievable performances, maybe towards the end, with a few nice and solid performances in the middle.
I didn't quite stay awake for the end after waiting for it for over three hours, but I was awake for the middle. When Taylor Swift came in.

I don't know much about Taylor Swift but the world loves her, so that gave me expectations, if for nothing exceptional at least of some basics. Oh was I wrong! She couldn't hold her pitch and didn't seem to know her voice much at all (does she even like to sing?).

Other people lip-synced earlier, showing some musical sense: I can't sing therefore I lip-synced. Taylor Swift missed that memo. Something else came down flat after her performance. Myself. Making fun of people that are way more recognized than me and that get what I want (of course I want a Grammy too, who wouldn't?!). I can't make fun of Taylor Swift, whether she sings flat or not. Only Beyonce and Pink can.

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