Why musicians love figure skating

Are you a musician and do you love figure skating? Here is why you do and if you don't, why you should!

  • Quiz yourself: Who wrote the piece? Is it in the original key or different? How far from the original version is the arrangement? If it's from a song, can you recall the words? This year alone I recognized Stravinsky, Bizet's Carmen (with the words!), Loreena McKennit, the music from the film Amelie, etc.
  • Imagine... a world where movement and music do not necessarily connect: or exactly what makes a figure skater end one beat too soon or too late of the last striking chord.
  • Wonder how anyone can spend a year practicing on the same (usually dramatic) music, and if that drives them crazy like it would drive you crazy.
  • Learn who is the person behind those arrangements, the transitions from one tune to the next, and what their title is (how much do they get paid, and can you do it too?). What software do they use to cut and paste the music?
That's what I do when I look at figure skating, but what do you think about?

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