Special effects Trumpeting

Spencer's lecture recital happened last night. We played Hollow Box by John Morrison that we had played at Longy last week, along with the variations on the "carnival de venise" by Arban, and Invocation by Sudberg, where I had to sing as well as play.

Spencer talked about fun contemporary trumpet techniques, like singing and playing the trumpet at once, and playing with pieces like if they were theatre scenes, with blockings marked on the score (check out a piece called Fanfare, it's pretty fun). Spencer's teacher Terry Everson seemed to be really happy with the recital, which is always nice to hear when you're part of a recital.

After the recital, somebody me came up to me, and it turned out to be Vartan, a wonderfully nice guy and great composer that I had met two years ago when I played some of his pieces at a concert. It was so nice to see him again!

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