H&M, Lily Allen and the real deal

I went for an afternoon stroll in H&M this afternoon when I heard a really cool song, which sounded particularly good after what they had been playing before that one. I got to the check out and told the clerk how great a song it was and asked her if it was a cd. She looked at me weird and told me that it was Lily Allen's cd.

Lily Allen. Of course. I saw her on the red carpet of the Grammys. And before that on some other places. Her music? I stopped listening to the radio when I gave up my car, because somehow I can get all the hard stuff you can get on an ipod touch except for wireless radio, which used to be on any stupid walkman (two steps forward, one step behind, if you ask me).

So I'm not up to date, but I used to be, so I have the power to turn things around. Except that maybe that Lily Allen's song was her most famous one and I made a fool out of myself at H&M. I had to do some serious research on youtube. I did known the song Smile without knowing who was singing it. I listened to pretty much all of Lily Allen's songs on youtube, and enjoyed how brilliant her videos were, but I wasn't able to recognize the song I had heard at H&M.

My boyfriend figured that that's because all of her songs were the same, all great, but all the same. I decided that I should get her albums soon. My boyfriend thought that her songs sounded like she was talking on pitch. I thought that I could outdo the speaking on pitch thing by showing him true speaking on pitch in the French tradition, with Vincent Delerm and the first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozi.

Somehow he decided that we should watch Britney Spears Womanizer, which reminded us of both Christina Aguilera and Michael Jackson. That's how we ended up watching a bunch of Michael Jackson videos, and came to the conclusion that really, Michael Jackson is the man. If you forgot, follow our train of thought, end here and thank us.

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