Why the Red Sox make me feel lucky

My husband and I went to a Red Sox game last night.

The game was pretty close the entire time, and by the 7th inning some supporters decided to destabilize the other team by screaming out some pretty mean stuff at them.

That reminded me that no matter how much competition there can be between musicians, we can always play concerts without other musicians fans screaming mean stuff at us.

Booing and tomato throwing are things of the past, so we may just be in the most peaceful era for playing music!

Picture from http://bostondirtdogs.boston.com/2005/05/

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  1. Christine PulliamMay 18, 2011 at 7:37 AM

    Sports seem to replace the male need for military aggression. (Sorry if this comes across as sexist, but I much prefer baseball to war.) However, many conservatories still operate with a military mindset of negative, abusive criticism in hopes that it makes their students into better musicians.


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