4 money situations where you need to think twice before saying yes to the gig

As freelance musicians, we want to say yes to as many gigs as possible. However, here are the four money situations where you may want to think twice before saying yes.
  1. How much does it pay? It's not a good idea to accept a gig without knowing how much you'll be paid. You'll expect to be paid more than you'll be paid in the end, and it'll be too late to ask for more.

  2. Does it even pay? There are so many reasons playing for free is wrong, I had to dedicate an entire post to the issue, which you can find here. The only times you can play for free are for friends, as long as you follow these guidelines.
  3. Is there more to it? If a gig pays a fair price but comes with a major commute, terrible hours, or any other big difference from your regular gigs, think twice before taking it. You might end up resentful, exhausted, or both, and that wouldn't be to either yours or your employer's best advantage.

  4. Does it have a set amount of hours? When you're paid with a stipend, make sure that your contract includes a set amount of rehearsal times and performances in it.

    You don't want to end up in a situation where all of a sudden you have to cancel other paying gigs, because major hours are being added on to your load without making up financially for your lost hours.

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