Would this side job be great for singers?

When you're looking for a job in an area other than your own, it's best to get one that will still help you in your area. 

As I was at the Red Sox game Monday night, I realized that being a vendor could be a pretty cool summer gig for singers.

Here are the two reasons why.
  1. Support and stamina: To be heard in a cheering crowd, you got to be loud. To be loud for hours on end every day and not break your voice, you have to use support and build your stamina. Aren't those direct applicable skills or what?!

  2. Workout: Being physically fit has become important to have a career as a singer. Walk around for hours every day, while carrying around about 30 pounds of food for an entire summer, sure will get you in great shape. It probably even works your breath!

Picture from http://www.guidespot.com/guides/baseball_fans

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