4 discussions to have with students about performing

Instrumental lessons focus much more on playing than on performing.

Here are four aspects of performing that need to be talked about.
  1. Dress appropriately: Many young performers do this right on their own, but I have still seen enough of them dress too casually or too over-the-top that it is still a good discussion to have.

    Dressing appropriately means wearing evening wear, with hair groomed, and make up for women.

  2. Walk on stage, bow: Most common problems arise on the way out of the stage, and on the second bow at the end of the concert.

    Students need to be told at least once before each recital where to go and how to go about it, until that thought process becomes mechanical for them.

  3. Body language: Many young performers think of their body only as it pertains to the technique of their instrument, and forget about the essential role it plays in transmitting music to an audience.

    Besides not looking bored, the body should indicate what the music sounds like, by matching its phrasing and intensity. The sooner students learn to do that in their lessons, the better they will apply it on stage. 

  4. Poise: Next to the actual playing, poise is the second most important and impressive aspect of a performance.

    Students need to know that looking confused or laughing nervously when something goes wrong (tripped, scores fell)  on stage is not acceptable.

    Poise is about being at ease, in charge, and dealing graciously with things that would otherwise have become awkward.

Picture from http://www.lunacystageworks.org/give.html


  1. Thanks for this, Geraldine. I will definitely be discussing these points with my student ahead of our summer concert in July! FRAN :-)


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