Musician Baby Blues

I just finished my last doctoral exam. The last one of five. They all went great and better and better. I just celebrated with friends. I've been looking forward to this day for so long.
And I'm pretty sad.
Because it's the last one. And because the beauty of school is, you learn along the way. And I learned to not only be a good pianist, but also that I love to produce and direct. And now that this was my last recital, I'm wondering when will be the next time that I will get to produce and direct and play my own shows.
And besides that, for each show I got to meet amazing people and I'm not ready to say goodbye. Of course, you can always meet again, but more often than not, people get too busy and before you know it you've lost track of each other.
I am grateful for tonight and for the past three years, and scared for the future and hopeful for the future too.
In transition....
Oh, and here are the pictures!

Kevin, Rachel, De'Lon, Kami and me:

And me and my man

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