Four perks for performers

Virtually every job gets some perks, right? Teachers get tons of vacations, finance people get free stock options, electricity people probably get cheaper electricity, the cable guy gets free cable, CEOs get to tell everyone what to do, cooks get to eat good food, etc. What about us musicians?

Here is what I think should be our perks:
  1. Greatly discounted tickets to any music and theater event (Broadway show, symphony concerts, etc), particularly for when you're not a student anymore.
  2. Discounts on scores and scripts (like teachers have on books)
  3. A free fixing of your instrument after 9 uses, or a free make up kit for actors (punching a card like at the hair dresser or at the deli)
  4. One resident masseuse/acupuncturist/chiropractor at any gig that requires long hours of intense rehearsing (orchestra rehearsals, opera rehearsals, accompanying auditions, etc.)
But even if we don't get any of those perks, at least we don't get that either:
Add your own idea for perks in the comment section!



  1. hahahaha!!!!
    on devrait aussi etre payes 5 fois plus.

  2. For English speakers, the comment above mentions the biggest perk: being paid five times more!
    I'll take it!
    On more reasonable perks, one that we do get is free food, depending on the gig (cocktail parties, company receptions, etc). Usually god food too.

  3. I've been fed a lot as a musician, typically from a catered spread. One of the best perks is that performance gowns and shoes, headshots and work-related travels are tax-deductible :)


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