How to act when you sing

Classical singers are expected to be strong actors but are not often given the training required in order to do so. I have found that often times teachers and coaches do talk about the emotional meaning of a song, but tend to assume that it will be enough for the singer to translate that knowledge into a powerful and meaningful performance.

As theatre artists very well know though, there is a big difference between thinking something and showing that same thing. It would be best for the singers to also have the many movement classes to become aware of their entire body (not just what the body does when it sings) in order to figure out how to show what they think and feel.

I know many singers who want to get to that next level of performing, and teachers and coaches that want to help singers with that, so here is a great resource: Acting for singers, creating believable singing characters, by David Ostwald.

What helped you become a better singer actor? What book, what teacher, what show? What do you think makes it hard for some singers to act?

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  1. "Auditioning for the Musical Theatre" by Fred Silver is a terrific book that has excellent, very concrete and specific advice on acting songs.


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