A little braggin won't hurt ya

I just received the diploma for my doctorate in the mail today! It is beautiful, shiny and most importantly, official! I have known I had the degree since last November, but I had this irrational fear that the University would decide to change the curriculum and that I wouldn't be done after all!

So now that I'm holding the diploma in my hands, it feels very real, and I know that no one can take it away from me! It was years of hard work and I am so proud of myself for having gone through it and finished it. I did it people!



  1. Congratulations, Dr. Boyer-Cussac!!!


    Dr. Foley

  2. Geraldine,
    I had no idea I was playing with a Doctor last Sunday at the Wells Theater - Congratulations! It was a pleasure to meet you and play a bit together at rehearsal. All the best to you in your upcoming move...


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