Great posts I wish I had written

Here are some really cool articles I wish I had written!

Musician Wages is one of my absolute favorite website for musicians, with a useful article on the top 10 gigs you may not have thought of, and a  music director job profile.

Good Company is a blog for collaborative pianists, with a really funny post on the different hats accompanists wear, and an informational post on how to make extra money as a copyist.

The collaborative piano blog talks about the career options in collaborative piano, and on how to get work as a freelance accompanist.

Michael Roderick is as big a fan of Seth Godin as I am, which is why I have to share this post on finding which part of our job really is the hardest.

Happy reading!

Picture from http://blogs.kingston.ac.uk/maceteams/corrines-weekly-links-1/

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