2 things to avoid when marking

Marking is an important part of a singer's life, so here are the two ways of marking that are more detrimental than useful.
  1. Mark constantly
    If you mark every time you sing other than during the performance, you actually lose your stamina and your vocal strength. You end up more likely to hurt yourself when you suddenly go back to singing full out.

    By marking constantly you miss the chance to create muscle memory, which will make it harder for you to hit the high notes and the fast runs during performance.

  2. Mark all aspects of the music
    Because you give less vocally when marking, you will tend to give less in all other aspects of the song. You create bad habits when you stop paying attention to diction, energy and musicality, so make sure you stay engaged.  
Marking is a great tool to protect your voice as long as you make sure to remain focused while doing it, and to use it as a side kick of full out singing.

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    1. I also take issue with singers who don't mark in a healthy way. I have gotten singers who almost whisper when they're marking.


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