Which side are you on?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It's when family and friends get together that music listening choices becoming important to set up the right atmosphere.

Which leads me to the question: Do you listen to the same type of music you play?

When I've talked to other musicians about this, answers are passionately split into two sides.

On one side, people think that it is their duty to inform their playing and knowledge by listening to the same type of music they play.

For me, even within the same type of music what feels good to hear doesn't always match what feels good to listen. I love to listen to Chopin and Debussy in concerts while not so much Prokoviev, while I prefer playing the latter the best. There is something to be said about what it physically feels like to play a piece.

On the other hand are people who absolutely don't listen to the same style of music they play, because they can't turn their professional ear off, which prevents them from fully relaxing. I mostly listen to jazz, which I don't find rewarding to play but which I love.

Which side are you on?


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  1. Interesting. On the whole I listen to the sort of music that I play because I enjoy it - mostly big romantic symphonies, Baroque ensemble music, with the odd classical solo piece here and there. That said, I love playing big band but I don't enjoy listening to is as much; I also listen to lots of folk music that I just don't seem to have the brain for playing!

    I rather enjoyed the picture you posted too :)


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