How to avoid carrying heavy music books around

Whether you play jazz standards from the Real Book, or you're at that point where you have most of your music memorized, but you still need to keep your scores around to check on them once in a while, the easiest thing for you is to simply transfer your music to your iphone.

 Here are the steps to follow.
  1. Download the free ibooks application, which allows you to search for free books, purchase new ones, and add all of your pdf to your virtual library.
  2. Open itunes.
  3. Drag your desired pdf files into your itunes library.
  4. Highlight those pdf files to be added. Right click the file and select "get info." Then, select "media type: book."
  5. Connect your iphone to your computer.
  6. Plug your iphone into your computer and select "sync books."
No more back problems!!!


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  1. Thanks for the tips. It gives me more information about Music Theory Books, this post is really helpful. Thanks a lot!


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