The ONE thing you need to make it as an artist

As artists we all have some good and some bad performing days. It's the nature of being human really. The question is how much does your performance truly vary from one time to the next?

Are you the kind of performer who can have incredible break-through, amazing, touched-by-grace kind of performances, who at other times has poor and forced performance? Or are you someone who has performances that are overall at the same level, with some performances a bit better or a bit less good than others?

If you are the second kind, congratulations! Here is why consistency is the most important quality you need to keep on getting hired as a performing artist.

People want to hire artists that they can count on, that will be strong day in and day out. If you were a concert organizer, would you hire the person who for sure would give you what you hired them for, or would you take a gamble on somebody that sure might give you more than you hired them for, but who could also give you a lot less than you hired them for?

The opera singer Maria Spacagna once told me: "what makes the difference between artists is that at the highest level people are never ever allowed to perform below 80% of their capacity without having terrible consequences for their career."

If your audience, stage manager, or conductor were asked, would they say that you were consistent? If you considered the average of all your performances of this past year, what percentage of your ability would you say you usually performed at, 60%, 80%? When someone hires you, do you trust yourself to deliver no matter the day and what is going on in your life? Are you truly a consistent performer?


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