How is your team doing?

As artists we spend most of our time working in a group such as an orchestra, a theater, a chamber group, a choir, etc. Our work means a lot to us which means that we care a lot about what is going on and we take everything that happens at a personal level. Therefore the process towards the performances and the performances themselves can become a source of either deep fulfillment or of terrible doubts and stress.

When people are stressed their tendency is to shut down, which can become a true danger to the work at end and create awkwardness in the team, particularly when processes happen in a short amount of time when time is spent with the same people.

Therefore it is crucial to know as a team how the team is feeling.

In this article on the 99 percent blog, author Scott Belsky comes up with the solution to taking a team's temperature. It is a circular visual on which you add an arrow that anybody in the team can turn towards the part of the circle that matches how they are doing at the moment.

Depending on where the arrow is the team knows whether things are going great or whether it's time to take it easy, or to start figuring out different ways to approach some of the work so that people keep a handle on things without getting burned out. 


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