Is there heat in the theater?

Tonight is our opening night of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Creede Repertory Theater, which should be a fun night as we have an awesome cast.

We had a lot of our rehearsals in the theater, and as are so many theaters and pits the theater was not heated. I would not have been able to play the piano due to frozen fingers if my friend Susannah had not let me borrow her amazing gloves for each rehearsal.

If you are a pianist, you can understand why I'm so in love with these gloves!

First of all, they're regular gloves

But during blocking rehearsals, you can cover your 
fingers while keeping your thumb out

And they're comfortable to play the piano with

It's about the little things people!

Update (06/07/10): Before the show I gave Susannah her gloves back. We had a wonderful opening night, and the cast was so nice as to give me a gift basket filled with cheese, bread, and... those gloves! Thanks Susannah!


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