What if you couldn't play or sing anymore?

What if adversity struck and you were told that you could never practice your art ever again? Would you let it go or would you fight to find a way to carry on as an artist?

Here are two amazing stories about performers going to incredible length in order to keep on making it as artists.

The first story, here, is about the principal oboist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, who suffered from one of the worst injuries musicians can have, focal dystonia.

The next story is about a drummer who became paraplegic and invented a new way to play drums without the use of his legs.

What is the most dedicated thing you have ever done for your art?



  1. What fascinating stories, Geraldine. You always have interesting things to share with us. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Hi Mary,
    Thank you so much for your nice comment! I'm glad you enjoy my blog, I really like yours too!


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