Who says you can't wear nail polish?

The weather is so beautiful outside, which makes for a perfect Saturday, and for light(er) topics.
Namely: Nails.

For so long I took for granted that as a musician I would never be able to wear nail polish. Not that anyone told me that I couldn't,  but no musician I knew ever had nail polish on, so I figured it was a no-no.

Well, it turns out it's OK. Yes! It's O. K!

I've now been coloring my nails for ten years, and the only downside of wearing nail polish as a musician is that my priority has to be about keeping my nails short, which chips the nail polish. Oh well, chipped nail polish, who cares?!

 My playing has improved the same, and my painted nails have made no difference to the world of music whatsoever. And I think that my piano loves it (and no, no color goes on it)!

So women instrumentalists, there you go!

You get to do whatever you want with your nails, like all the non-musicians out there!

Extra tip (from my grand-father):
To avoid cuticles, never cut your nails on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I don't know why, but it does work.


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