How to make it as a composer

Composer Annie Gosfield realized that she had made it as a composer when she was asked if she had any advice for young composers. And then she thought about it and turned her ideas into an article in the New York Times, as part of The Score (where composers talk about their works and the issues involved in creating music nowadways).

Some of the advice she gives are mainstream knowledge:
  • take your work seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously
  • don't fear rejection
  • details count
Some tend to be forgotten or not always emphasized:
  • never discount the power of the library
  • allow yourself to be led down the garden path
  • don't assume you know what's accessible to the audience and what isn't
Some can be transferable to playwrights:
  • Make sure you you're always doing some work that is yours and yours alone- not for the approval of teachers or colleagues
Check out the article here. Which advice do you agree or disagree with?

Interview with composer and Chamber Music America Membership Manager to come!


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