Deadlines can do that

Musician Elissa Milne introduced on twitter the fun hashtag #deadlinescandothat.

Here are 10 ways deadlines to a performance impact me.
  1. Talk faster, walk faster, type faster, think faster.
  2. Worry about all the things I'm putting off because of practicing. End up doing all of them. 
  3. Panic because when I did all of the things I was putting off, I put off practicing.
  4. Strictly eat out, or skip eating altogether. 
  5. Loose my temper.  
  6. Rehearse a brand new piece for the 1st time with the soloist a week before the recital, and play it as if I had known it all my life.
  7. Sleep soundly because of accomplishing a week's worth of work in one single day.
  8. Come up with brilliant solutions. In my shower. 
  9. Add breathing to do my to-do-list, or else I stop doing it.
  10. Keep a to-do-list of all the things I need to do post-deadline.

Picture from http://freelancefolder.com/how-to-never-miss-a-deadline/

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    1. This list is the story of my life. (I also now realize I'm not some freak of nature for writing "breathe" down on my list.)



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