How to make it in the States as a foreign artist

Being a performer can be tough. So is being a foreigner. So if, like me, you are a foreign performer, you know what walls you're up against.

 Not only do you have to find the gigs, but then you have to make sure you're legal to work the gig. Like your fellow artists, you want to apply for grants and scholarships, but many of them allow only Americans to apply. So, let's face it, you've got a double challenge on your hands.

That's one of those things that when people don't experience directly, they just don't understand. Which is why I was pretty happy when I found an entire section of the New York Foundation for the Arts dedicated to immigrant artists.  

Their resource page includes not only jobs, mentoring programs, fellowships, residency awards, but also legal and financial assistance and immigrants rights and advocacy.

They also host community events, which you can see videos of here. Topics include visa application and legal issues for immigrant artists and finding funds and resources specifics for immigrant artists.

Maybe life as an immigrant artist can get easier with their help.


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