Auditioning out of town? Do it cheap!

 If you are ever brought to audition for schools, jobs, shows or if you simply have to be out of town for your job, here is one of the coolest way to save some money.

Instead of going to a hotel which will cost you not only the price of the room, but also will force you to eat out because there won't be a kitchen in your room, you can book a place to stay at Air bed and breakfast.

You can rent directly from their website anything from a couch in a sitting room to a whole apartment to yourself. It's cheaper than a hotel, you get to make your own meals, and you may make some new friends at the same time.
And you may also rent your own room out while you're away too!

You can sign up online for free, post and check out pictures of the places, and reserve online. The whole process is made so that it's safe for everyone.


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