4 stages of working in a new environment

As artists we are meant to travel very often. Whether you are touring through a new country for a few weeks, or going to your summer theatre gig for a few months, everyone goes through the same stages when moving to a new place, no matter how long you're there for.
  1. Excitement: also called the "honeymoon period." You love everything and everyone, you're euphoric, and you love all the differences. You still feel close to home.
  2. Distress: Nothing feels new anymore, you don't understand the differences, you feel anxious, you begin to criticize and make fun of the other people and spend more time on your own. You feel alone and realize that home is far away.
  3. Adjustement: You idealize life back home, but you have a new routine and you have a new sense of confidence when dealing with differences. You start to appreciate where you are.
  4. Enthusiasm:  You are now enjoying where you are, you start to appreciate some aspects of your new environment better than some back home, you start to make your own some of the new things, you are yourself again, and you start to feel at home. 
Those stages can be felt more or less strongly depending on the circumstances. For example if you are touring with your rock band in a new country, your band members will help you feel at home through it all. If you travel alone to a new place of your own country, you will feel the stages more strongly. It is important to know what to expect beforehand so that when you are in the midst of it, you can recognize what is going now and trust that you feel better soon.

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