How to be a savvy traveling artist

As performing artists we often have to travel to and from gigs at our own expenses. Unfortunately it often means that we loose one or two weeks salary in the process.

We all know that the price of plane tickets change on a regular basis and it's hard to know if we are getting a good deal or if we should just wait a few more days to get a better one.

Here comes a very handy tool to solve that problem: farecast. Simply put in your travel destinations and dates of travel, and on top of giving you the usual rates, the website will also give you a price predictor.

The price predictor tells you whether the tickets will most rise, drop or stay steady. Even more important, it tells you the percentage at which they believe their prediction is at. So it may say: 68% chance that the prices will drop, or 75% chance that the prices will increase. Not only that, the website will also tell you how much of an expected drop or increase the prices will go!

Unless you are buying at the last minute and have no other choice than to purchase your tickets right away, this is really a wonderful tool to help you get to your gigs as cheap as possible!

What are your tricks for traveling cheaply? Do you have to travel much for your art?


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