The 3 rules to achieving anything

An article from the Harvard Business Review talks about the three conditions needed for you to succeed. One of them is not as common knowledge as the others!
  1. You want to achieve it
  2. You believe that you can achieve it
  3. You enjoy trying to achieve it
 It is the third rule of achievement that is most often overlooked! If you are a performing artist you most certainly live for being on the stage, but do you enjoy all the other things that come before getting there?
  • Audition over and over for a part
  • Practice
  • Do business stuff: take headshots, make business cards, build a website, make flyers, etc.
  • Rehearse
  • Make recordings for competitions, jobs, grants, etc.
Whatever it is that you have to spend a lot of time doing before getting to where you want to be, you have to enjoy it. Otherwise, you won't do as much of it, and you will wonder why even though you want to achieve it and you believe that you can achieve it, you're not actually achieving it.

Picture from http://smallbusiness.uprinting.com/achieve-your-goals/

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