Living with a musician 101

Considering moving in with a musician? Make sure you know what to expect with these four aspects.
  1. Practicing: You will hear a lot of practicing, often the same music played over and over again, many times along to a metronome.

    What this means to you is that you may not be able to play your own music at the same time, and that you'll always hear background sound even when you're watching tv.

  2.  Schedule: Know ahead of time not to expect your musician to be home every evening, or the whole weekend. Rehearsals and concerts are often during those times, and musicians will often use their free time to practice. Embrace the lifestyle because changing it rarely an option.

  3. The space it takes: Musicians take up a lot of space with sheet music, gear and instruments. This is normal and often necessary, even when piles of scores never seem organized, and gear or instruments lay on the floor between practice sessions.

  4. Listening to music: Many musicians are quite particular with the music they listen to. Some need to listen to what they're working on at the moment to get ready for a gig, some prefer to listen to the opposite of the style they play, and some even need complete silence after rehearsal and concerts. It's best if you can follow their lead on that one.

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