Should musicians go on vacation when they don't have gigs planned?

For regular 9-5 workers, a period of no-work means vacation. So when a musician has an upcoming period of no-work, friends and family assume that musicians are free to go on vacation as well.

However, for freelance musicians, a period of no-work ahead of them simply means that gigs will come in at the last moment. 

If they were to leave for vacation, they would have to turn down those last minute gigs. And a gig turned down once means less gigs offered in the future.

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  1. We are first and foremost human beings and I strongly believe - if we are to remain at peak performance level i.e., avoid burn-out - we should respect both our bodies and minds by taking time out.

    For me that means x1 day a week away from playing, 1 complete w/end out of every quarter and 2 weeks pa totally away from work.

    A little planning and career diversification is all that it takes and no deep pockets my end - I'm just a normal working musician.

    Frankly, IMO, any freelance musician who thinks they can remain "on call" for 365 days a year and not take a vacation is storing up serious problems in their future career.

    In any case, how can you continue to develop as an artist if you don't have a life away from the profession?

  2. Hi Marion,

    Thank you for your comment. I actually completely agree with you! I am not suggesting here that musicians should never take vacations, rather than explaining to non-musicians that a period with no work for musicians doesn't automatically mean that those musicians can go on vacation.

    We each know when we have most work and should stay home, as well as what time of the year our work dries out and we can safely go on vacation.

    It's just hard sometimes for non-musicians to understand that we may want to stay home to work jobs that we haven't been offered yet!


  3. "work jobs that haven't been offered yet"...I like that. Another good one that I heard once is "I'm employed 3 hours at a time".

    I agree with you both on days/time off. I take one day a week and consciously do not play. I'll read, see a play/movie, go to an art exhibit, or just go look at the woods. Something that is still related to the artistic process, but takes my mind off the routine.


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