Why you should take a gig you're not ready for

We all believe we have to work our way up.

So when an offer comes asking us to play at a higher level than the level we are on, we may think that it is in everyone's best interest to turn it down.

After all, what we do in the practice room is reflected on the stage. So why take a chance?

Because the opposite is true too. What we do on the stage is reflected in the practice room. So when we do a higher level gig, it forces us to work quicker and better, and to adjust our work in the practice room.

When we turn down a higher level gig because we want to get to that level on our own first, we actually turn down the best way for us to learn how to get to that level. 

Photo from http://www.parentsconnect.com/articles/music-for-babies.html

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