What travels have you done for your art?

It is in bathing in the mineral hot tubs of Pagosa Springs, CO that it dawned on me that life as a musician isn't always about the making of the art, but about what comes with being able to make the art.
Namely: Travel.
A performer has to be flexible enough to take gigs in different places in order to keep on working. 
So, here are some pictures of some of the places I got to visit in order to my job.

I got to wake up to this view in New Hampshire

I got to ride this hydroplane in the Adirondack Park, NY

I visited the Botanical Gardens of Fort Worth, TX

I went to the JFK museum in Dallas, TX

I hiked the mountains of Creede, Colorado

I also got to do two road trips:
  1. TX to MA, where I got to eat in Memphis at the Neelys (the restaurant of Food Network show Down Home with the Neelys) and spend the night at the famous hotel with a guitar shaped pool in Nashville. 
  2. Boston to Colorado, where I visited some of my favorite people in Kalamazoo, MI (where I used to live), have lunch in Chicago, and have dinner in Denver. Fun times!
Where did you get to go thanks to your job?


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